Live Your Grey Area


Fitness buzz word.

All the rage right now.

So why can’t you get a grip on it? Why are you constantly either on track and nailing your nutritional guidelines or completely off track and blowing it?

Here’s why: Moderation is fucking hard. And it’s not sexy. It’s easy to justify eating a bad meal by calling it a “cheat meal.”

And it’s a cop out.

Moderation is hard. Extremes are easy. It’s easy to be all or nothing. It’s easy to boil things down to black or white.

But walking the middle line? Extremely difficult.

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Vital for long term progress and mental wellbeing (buh-bye, guilt!), but extremely difficult.

And totally worth it.

Let go of the idea that you must be on track or off track. Let go of the idea that fat loss is black and white.

Let go of the habit of either killing it in the gym or skipping for 2-3 weeks at a time.

Find your grey area. And set up camp. Live there. Get comfy.

Find the area between the black and white. Find the area where moderation exists. Where you can eat healthy and still enjoy treats and foods you enjoy. Find the area where you can maintain your exercise routine for like, ever. Even if it’s not perfect.

Consistent wins over perfect. Every time.

Live your grey area.


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