Master this ONE Thing for Faster Fat Loss 1

Fat loss– it’s the number one reason women go to the gym.


Everyone wants to look better naked.

But most women I work with in my online coaching program miss one (really big) thing when it comes to losing weight.

Protein intake. 

Most women I work with are typically eating less than HALF of the amount of protein they need to be eating to lose fat and get lean.

Protein is the absolute linchpin when it comes to successful nutrition habits for fat loss. I would argue that this is true for everyone, but it is especially true if you’re strength training.

It is also the most ignored concept by women, specifically. Personally, I think it gets a bad rap.

When you think of protein, you probably think of sweaty dudes wearing a shirt that says “Get big or Go Home” who spends 3 hours at the gym every day doing bench press and bicep curls and guzzling protein shakes out of a bottle that looks like it hasn’t been washed since 1984.

Truth is, protein is more important for women. And honestly, I believe that protein intake is more important when trying to LOSE weight than it is when trying to gain weight.

I like to call it my secret weapon for sustained weight loss.

But why?

3 Ways Eating More Protein Will Help You Lose More Weight

1) Protein helps you stay fuller, longer.

2 parts here…

When you chew your food, your brain gets signals that you are eating and and will tell your stomach that you’re getting full. Protein sources like steak, chicken, and fish typically require more chewing, and the more chewing you do, the more full you’re going to feel.

Additionally, protein helps stabilize the release of sugars into your blood stream because it takes longer to digest. This is going to keep you from getting those high/low blood sugar swings and make you less susceptible to hunger and cravings.

2) Protein helps maintain and gain muscle. 

Protein is unique in that it is the only nutrient that works to maintain and gain muscle. This is hugely important for your body composition. The more muscle you have, the denser you are (your body.. not your brain.. I can’t help with that one). Lets take two women who both weigh 150lbs. One of those women has a bodyfat percentage of 30% and one has a body fat percentage of 17%. Which woman do you think is going to look smaller? The woman with 17% body fat.

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Less body fat = look better. Protein = less body fat. Got it?

3) Thermic effect of food (TEF)

This is basically just a fancy term to say that when you eat food, you burn calories to digest this food. All foods have a TEF, but protein has the highest TEF. Your body burns more calories digesting protein than it does any other food group.

Alright, great. I’ve convinced you to eat more protein. But exactly how much do you need?

Ladies— you need between .7 and 1.0 grams of protein per day per pound of body weight.

So, for example, if you weigh 150lbs, you’ll need between 105 and 150g of protein per day. There’s no harm in eating more than that, but this is the minimum effective dosage.

This isn’t a fool proof method, but its a great starting point.


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