Losing fat can be confusing.  Should you stick to cardio? Lift weights? Eat Paleo? Go Vegan? Catch Pokemon?  In reality, fat loss is actually pretty simple. (I said simple. Not easy)  Let me cut through the BS and give you a proven method for guaranteed fat loss.  1) Get comfortable […]

No BS Blueprint for Fat Loss

The scale is fickle. It can change at anytime, for seemingly any reason. For many women, it can make or break a day. The scale can leave you feeling like you’re #winning or it can make you feel like a complete failure.   This isn’t going to be one of […]

8 Reasons the Scale Will Change (that have nothing to ...

Moderation. Fitness buzz word. All the rage right now. So why can’t you get a grip on it? Why are you constantly either on track and nailing your nutritional guidelines or completely off track and blowing it? Here’s why: Moderation is fucking hard. And it’s not sexy. It’s easy to […]

Live Your Grey Area

I love peanut butter. It’s my thing. . Consequently: I can’t keep peanut butter in the house. Why? Cause I’ll eat the entire container in a couple days when it should have lasted me weeks. So what gives? Why don’t I have any willpower when It comes to peanut butter? […]

The Real Reason You Don’t Have Any Willpower

Do you need to run to lose weight? I’ve heard it 1000x. You’ve probably heard it. Hell, you might have even said it yourself. “I’m training for a half marathon because I really want to lose 30lbs.” Somehow along the way, we got this idea in our heads that we […]

3 Reasons Running Sucks for Fat Loss (and what to ...

Before you read this, you need to understand one thing. Your self worth is not affected by your adherence to a diet. Your self worth is not determined by the amount of chocolate you eat a day. Your self worth is not a product of your scale weight and what […]

Crack the Craving Cycle