Ever have a conversation with someone that just makes you see red??   A couple weeks ago, I was out to dinner with some friends and I was telling my best friend how excited I am because I can almost see my abs. Although I’ve been an athlete my entire […]

Abs and Anger… Excuse me, Sir. Are You for Real??

Whether you’re traveling and have limited equipment, trying to bust through a plateau, or just trying to add variety to your training program, it’s a good idea to have plenty of tools in your arsenal. One of the best ways to change it up is to add variety to the […]

No More Boring Workouts: 5 Ways to Change Up Your ...

Hello!! Another Sunday is upon us! You know what that means. It means I’ve got another 3 articles for you to read about training, nutrition, and behavior change! 3 Things Women Must do for Simple Fat Loss— Erika Hurst Women and fat loss. This article is right up my alley. […]

Sunday Stuff to Read 3/13 ed.

The decision to start losing weight is often a hard one. If you’re making any sort of lifestyle change, its hard. Plain and simple. If you’re in a position where you’re thinking about shedding some weight, let me make that a little easier for you by giving you some things you […]

5 Things to Expect When Losing Weight

    What’s up ya’ll??? After a brief 2 week hiatus (sorry– I moved & everything was in boxes. Including my brain), the Sunday Stuff to Read Post is baaaacccckkkk!! We’ve got some great articles this week. I really nerded out on this one. ‘ First up: Low Tech Hamstring […]

Sunday Stuff to Read 3/6/16 ed.