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Melanie Allen (46)

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“I met Jenna a little over two years ago.  I did an internet search for a female personal trainer & trusty Google sent me to a gym where I met the person that would change my life.  See, I wasn’t someone who occasionally worked out & needed to lose 20lbs – I was somebody that needed an entire lifesaving attitude adjustment.  I was 186lbs & full of anxiety – I suffered from guilt, depression & loneliness (even though I had my husband of 11 years & my friends) & a general self-doubt that permeated everything I did.


Enter:  Jenna (Mother of Dragons) . . . Cue the “Rocky” theme song, etc.  A little over 7 months later, I was down 52lbs & up 100% in the self-confidence department.  I became a new person – she gave me the courage to get out, try new things, sign up for activities/commitments I would have never done without her support.  Along with formulating a nutrition plan perfectly suited to me & my circumstances, she worked with me on my form in the gym & my sometimes faltering dedication outside the gym.  She is always a text/email/phone call away.   Jenna provides inspiration when I need an extra push & she’s my #1 fan when I kick butt.


For those of us who need a trainer to rally around us sometimes & redirect us back to the fight, Jenna has a special talent for reaching people & keeping them focused & motivated.  She was the catalyst for my transformation & I credit my success to her dedication.  At times, I was impossible, yet she never gave up on me.  I’m two years in, loving life & spending 6 days a week in the gym – I don’t fear it anymore – all because Jenna cared.


You owe it to yourself to enroll in Jenna’s program – your body & mind will thank you, & she’ll never let you look back!

Rachel Flanagan (44)

I met Jenna through a group of personal trainers being mentored by Jill Coleman of JillFit. Jenna posted about a new fat loss program that she was working on, and it was so compelling that I emailed her right away and told her I wanted in. Even though I’m also a personal trainer, I knew I could learn from her.
Jenna is amazing. She designs a new workout plan for me every month (the best cure for gym boredom!) and I just keep getting stronger. She’s also helped me pair my nutrition with whatever workout style I’m working on during that time. Sometimes she doles out a little tough love, but it’s always what I need to hear. And you know what? I wore a bikini this summer for the first time in a LONG time, and felt like a rock star. 
Jenna isn’t just a personal trainer. She’s your friend, your cheerleader, your teacher, and your boss, all wrapped into one feisty redhead. I feel lucky that I found her, and tell everyone about her.

Heather Lynn (28)

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I was a very active kid all the way through high school. Once I entered college, my weight became a constant battle for me because continued to eat the same but didn’t maintain the same active lifestyle. I have never been one to monitor the scale because my weight in a number does not matter. For the past ten years I have fluctuated with how I physically look, how I feel, and the most expensive…my clothes sizes. It has been incredibly frustrating and defeating. Jenna has been my coach for well over a year now and she has taken away my frustrations and my feelings of defeat. In the gym, I now know what I am doing. There are no hesitations to go squat or bench next to “meatheads” that are three times the size of me. I have no where near the amount of weight on my bar compared to theirs. But I am there. I get it done. Jenna has led me to all of these things.


The other major component that Jenna has helped me add is a new lifestyle of eating. I get to play one of my favorite puzzle games with my food, Tetris. Calories and protein. If I hit both of them for the day, every day, I maintain the natural weight that my body is suppose to be at. Simple as that. And I feel amazing. I feel healthy.


I am able to stay on track with my workouts and my nutrition because of Coach Jenna. Her own personal accomplishments and her constant striving for a healthier and happier life is infectious. She is an excellent motivator, even via technology as an online coach. I would recommend her as a coach to any woman who is ready to be happier with themselves. She will point you in the right direction in the gym and the kitchen that is best for YOU. Trust me, its worth a shot!


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