The Real Reason You Don’t Have Any Willpower

I love peanut butter. It’s my thing.


Consequently: I can’t keep peanut butter in the house. Why? Cause I’ll eat the entire container in a couple days when it should have lasted me weeks.

So what gives? Why don’t I have any willpower when It comes to peanut butter? Why can’t I just say no.

Why does moderation not exist in my vocabulary?

Here’s the thing. The reason I can’t resist the peanut butter is because I haven’t practiced using willpower.

When was the last time you learned a new skill? Maybe it was deadlifting or maybe it was cooking. Did you expect you would be an expert right off the bat?

No, of course. That would be silly.

So why is willpower any different?

I’m not good at having willpower because I’ve never given myself a chance to be a beginner at having willpower. I just like, expected myself to be good at it.

In order to be good at having willpower and resisting temptations that get in the way of your results in the gym, you need to understand two things.


1) Willpower can be trained.

Willpower is like a muscle. In order to get stronger, you need to train that muscle. Intentionally. Nobody ever got a rockin booty by doing bicep curls.

Building willpower takes intentional practice and training. For me, that means buying a small container of peanut butter and seeing how long I can make it last.


2) Willpower can be fatigued.

Willpower is like a muscle. It can get tired and fatigued if you expect to always be using it.

Just like you can’t squat repeatedly for an hour straight, you can’t expect to always be “on” with willpower.

Ever had a shitty day and immediately blew it on your diet?

That’s because you used up all your willpower trying not to strangle all the stupid idiots you work with. When you got home, your willpower was completely depleted.

This is normal.

And just like a muscle, the more you intentionally train your willpower, the stronger and less susceptible to fatigue it will be.

pablo (5)

Get out there and flex your willpower muscle, ya’ll!

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