Why I started Devoted: My Passions and Frustrations 2

I wanted to take a second to tell you why I started Devoted Fitness Coaching.

First: my passions

I am passionate about women. Well, that came out wrong. I am passionate about helping women, about the confidence and self-hate issues women face, and about lifting weights. I know that lifting weights can help a woman feel strong, empowered, sexy, and plain confident. I know, because I haven’t always lifted weights. I grew up an athlete, but a sub-par one at best. And then I went to college, ate a bunch of crap, then tried to maintain my weight by long periods of not eating at all, blah blah the rest is history. But, then, with ZERO knowledge of or experience in the weight room, I tested for my personal training certification and passed (but seriously, they never should have let me pass…). I was lucky enough to land at a gym that took me under their wing, and made it safe for me to train clients. They gave me a great foundation, AND… I started lifting weights for the first time in my life. I was amazed at the transformation my body went through in a short amount of time. I mean, I actually had a butt. I went home to see my mom after several weeks, and she couldn’t believe what was on my backside. (to be honest, I couldn’t either). I loved the way I felt and looked, and I quickly knew I wanted to help others feel the same way.

Now, my frustrations:

After 4 years working in two different gyms and 65+ in person hours spent JUST TRAINING my clients weekly, I was extremely frustrated. My personal life was lacking, I didn’t feel like I was advancing my career (because I didn’t have the time to read or research), and I just plain didn’t feel like I had the tools to best help my clients. Or anyone, for that matter. I was also frustrated with the world of personal training. It was obvious, trainers all over the world (myself included) were failing. Our clients weren’t getting results, they didn’t enjoy working out, and they were full of deprecation and self-hate (especially our female clients). ┬áSo, grudgingly, I quit my job. I went back to school. I started pouring myself into books and research articles, and my classes. And I founded Devoted.

I wanted to help people, women, who were struggling with fitness, food, and feeling comfortable and confident in a gym. I wanted to empower women to be DEVOTED to their fitness and lifestyle, while letting them know, they had a trainer that was 100% DEVOTED to them. It’s a funny thing. When you devote yourself to a group of ladies (like the ones in my personal coaching group), the devotion they then dedicate to their goals is insane. It will blow your mind, and it does mine on a daily basis.

I am nowhere where I want to be, but I live a life I have designed. Because of that, I am able to DEVOTE myself 100% to my clients. I have the time to learn the best methods to help them, whether that involves overcoming emotional battles with fitness, or whether that involves the best way to grow glutes so she feels sexy and confident. With online training, I am no longer bound by distance, price, or long, suffocating hours at work training clients that I don’t care about. I choose my clients, they choose me, and everyone is DEVOTED┬áto their training.

With that, I am going to leave you with the verse that Devoted Fitness Coaching was founded upon.

To your Health,


Proverbs 31:25

She is clothed with STRENGTH and DIGNITY, and she laughs without fear of the future.

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